Know our team

Manel Rosell - Eva Professional Hair Care
Manel Rosell CEO
Manel is in charge of making everything run properly.
A great leader, helping us to keep the company’s values and culture on sight at all times.
Treating everyone as a close friend, he manages to get us all to move in the same direction together.
Entrepreneur par excellence.
Montserrat Sala
Montserrat Sala Technical Director
Montserrat is responsible for R & D, manufacturing and quality. Always abreast of the latest developments in hair cosmetics.
With rigor and professionalism, she makes our own formulas that give personality to our products.
Maravillas Rosillo - Eva Professional Hair Care
Maravillas Rosillo Chief Financial Officer
Maravillas optimizes the company’s economic and financial resources.
Involved in her work as if it were her own family, she helps us to grow and be as self-sustainable as possible.
Marc Rosell - Eva Professional Hair Care
Marc Rosell Logistics Director
Marc looks for ways that orders arrive fast and in perfect condition to your home or business. As responsible for purchases, always puts quality and proximity ahead when selecting suppliers.
Very involved in his work, he considers that the quality of our product depends on where and what we buy.
Magdalena Caruezo - Eva Professional Hair Care
Magdalena Caruezo Technical and Trainning Director
Magdalena holds training programs for professionals and ensures the functionality of new programs.
She is always happy and her optimism and passion for the products we make is contagious.
Oscar Peña - Eva Professional Hair Care
Òscar Peña Commercial Director
Òscar manages the selling channels that cover the domestic market.
Consistent with his personal values, he takes the company’s tradition and respect for the environment to the farthest corners of the territory.
Francesca Limeres
Francesca Limeres Export Director
Francesca makes us known internationally. She follows up with our clients and constantly seeks new markets in which to position ourselves.
Nature and adventure lover, she always offers new, daring and dynamic perspectives.
Rosa Elelna Huelves - Eva Professional Hair Care
Rosa Elena Huelves Customer service
Rosa Elena is in charge of responding to your requests over the telephone.
She is in direct contact with all users who need to get in touch with us. Quick and decisive, she provides excellent customer service.
Gisela Alonso - Eva Professional Hair Care
Gisela Alonso Export Manager
Gisela is in charge of our international distributors. She also opens markets, thus making our presence increasingly more global.
She loves traveling, meeting people from all over the world and coming up with strategies for success in each country.
Eva Rial - Eva Professional Hair Care
Eva Rial Commercial Department
Eva manages orders and the logistics for deliveries.
Committed and decisive, she is in direct contact with practically everyone at the company and with many of our clients.
Raquel Torres - Eva Professional Hair Care
Raquel Torres Product Manager
Raquel collaborates in researching and creating new products.
Creative minded, she always welcomes new challenges and projects.
Aida Sorribas - Eva Professional Hair Care
Aida Sorribas Online Manager
Aida works on optimizing and expanding digital resources.
True to the online world at both personal and professional levels, she constantly thinks about new technologies that could be applied to the company.