Eva Professional Hair Care may just be a name, but it is backed by many people.

We are a team of 50 people who make efforts every day to share the best we have to offer.


> We are a multidisciplinary team: Made up of skilled people who, from each different department (production, R&D, sales, logistics, administration, communication, and marketing), work to create a synergy with results that go far beyond individual efforts.

> We are a proactive team: Who do not wait around, but rather, are in control of our behaviour to make what we believe a success; with initiative, determination and responsibility.

> We are a team in constant development: Who applies innovation to obtaining information, who evolves within the company according to the roles and responsibilities of each position, that offers the possibility of a personalized career path for everyone.

> We are a human team: Strong and cohesive. Made up of people who relate to Eva Professional Hair Care. A team that trusts its company and vice-versa, which works according to the same pillars of loyalty, credibility, and ethics.


If you want to share this passion with us, send us your resume at contact@evaprofessional.com