e-line Blonde Shampoo

e-line Blonde Shampoo


IVA inc.

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Shampoo for blonde hair, because your hair deserves to shine.


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Blonde Shampoo has been created exclusively for blonde hair, both natural and dyed.

With an extra dose of shine, it prevents the yellowish tendency that sometimes occurs in lightened hair. Its formula has been designed for hair hygiene and to bring out the highlights and shine in the hair while conditioning it, especially nourishing split, porous ends that are typically found in bleached hair.

This product may be used by both natural blondes and persons with color-treated hair.

It is the perfect complement to any color treatment.


  • Gives hair shine and movement.
  • Provides results full of natural softness.

Paraben-free formula.

Available in 300 ml and 1000 ml formats.

Goji extract provides protection and vitality to blonde hair, thanks to its antioxidant and skin stimulating properties.

Shikakai extract has properties that protect the hair's color and shine, making them last longer.

Repartir sobre cabello mojado y emulsionar con un suave masaje. Enjuagar y realizar una segunda aplicación. Enjuagar con abundante agua tibia.

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